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March 2020

The Dark Side of Death by Mango

For those of you who don’t recall last week’s post, let me re-set the scene:

Many, many years ago in February, before the Caronapocalypse, I was at my friends’ very grown-up dinner party.  While eating a mango as a “dessert” (I don’t get it either), I suddenly realized that I might be allergic to mango as my throat began to burn and tingle. Continue reading “The Dark Side of Death by Mango”

The Mango-cidal Dinner Party


I was going through some old writing and I stumbled upon this gem.  It’s crazy to look back and see how different I was and how different the world was.  This is from almost a month ago.  It’s called: “The Complete Guide to Dying Politely While at a Dinner Party.”  I promise it has nothing to do with corona virus. Continue reading “The Mango-cidal Dinner Party”

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