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Attack of the Babies!

Many, many years ago in my writing career, I wrote an article for a mommy-blog.   Why?  I don’t really remember why.  I must have had a reason.  More than likely that reason was too much free time.

Anyway, the mommy-blog that originally posted my article is no longer in operation.  I now suspect this particular mommy-blog, like most mommy-blogs today, was really a front for some sort of illegal, international, sheep-cloning syndicate. Continue reading “Attack of the Babies!”


I watched part of an episode of Outlander. It’s about a British woman from the 1940’s who gets sent back in time to Scotland in the 1700’s. It would have been a very different show if the woman was a modern American.


The Story of a 21t Century American Woman Who Gets Sent Back to Scotland in the 1700’s. Continue reading “Outlanderish”

Watch It!

Today I have a few pitches for TV shows I’d like to make.

Cops. Everyone loves cop shows and, like Kardashians or political arguments on social media, you can just never have too many of them.

But here’s a twist that hasn’t been done before:

They’re not just cops. They’re also cats. Get it? They’re cats who are cops. That’s why I spelled “Cops” with a ‘C,’ for cat, instead of…wait… Continue reading “Watch It!”

Award Season, Part 2B

(Or Not 2B)

Welcome back to my deep analysis of Oscar-nominated movies I haven’t seen! So far my only prediction is that Saoirse Ronan will win lots of awards merely for the comedic factor of people attempting to read her name off a teleprompter. Because the Oscar Committee knows comedy when they see it. Like The Martian. Continue reading “Award Season, Part 2B”

Award Season, Part A

Award Season is upon us and there is of yet no known cure for it. The best thing you can do is hunker down, drink lots of fluids, and avoid the internet. But it’ll be over soon. The Oscars are this week. Maybe next week. Possibly last week. I don’t honestly know. But they either were or will have been recently. Continue reading “Award Season, Part A”


I wouldn’t mind commercials so much if they didn’t take up SO much time. We have reached a tipping point where there is equal parts commercial and TV show in every half hour. Commercial breaks used to be just long enough that if you anticipated when the commercial break was going to start and sprinted for the bathroom, you could pee and make it back just as the show came back on. Provided you didn’t wash your hands adequately. Continue reading “Commercials”

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