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Strange Offer

I just got the weirdest thing in the mail.

I don’t remember even ordering an accordion, let alone…whatever that is.

Also, I got a credit card offer.  That was unusual, too.

Now, you may not think a credit card offer is unusual.  You may get them all the time.  You, with your fancy job that requires you to actually leave your house (exposing yourself to dangerous things like UV rays and human interaction) Continue reading “Strange Offer”

Other Stuff My Dog Says


Puppy: *Gasp* You’re putting on shoes! That means we’re going for a walk!

Me: I put on shoes for other reasons, too, you know. Anytime I go out, I wear shoes.

Puppy: Oh, you mean when we go to the vet.

Me: Or when I’m running errands, or meeting friends, or when I had a job, going to work.

Puppy: Yeah, that’s what I said. Going to the vet. Continue reading “Other Stuff My Dog Says”

Stuff My Dog Says

Despite her inability to form words, my puppy uses sounds, looks, and my rampant imagination to have entire conversations with me.

Here is one we had recently.

Puppy (distressed): My love can’t get to you!

Me: What?

Puppy: Something is blocking my love and keeping it from getting to you!

Me: It’s called a door and I will open it for you in a minute.

Puppy: Why do we even HAVE those? They block my love and my ability to chase the squirrels. Continue reading “Stuff My Dog Says”

Genetically Engineered Cuteness

I like to talk about a wide variety of topics. I don’t want my whole blog to be about my dog.

I just wanted you to know that I don’t want that.

Now on to my dog.

Some dogs are food motivated. Some dogs are toy motivated. My dog is people motivated. She loves people. Not in the way that all dogs love people. My dog loves people in what is probably an unhealthy amount. Continue reading “Genetically Engineered Cuteness”

Dogs vs Cats, Season Finale

We’re discussing Cats vs Dogs (or “Pets that will demolish your house on purpose vs pets that will demolish your house on accident”)

Intelligence. I know what you’re thinking: “Why am I reading this? Can I seriously not think of anything else to do?” Sure, but a cat’s bigger brains aren’t necessarily a good thing. Limited smartness works to a dog’s advantage. Continue reading “Dogs vs Cats, Season Finale”

Dogs vs Cats

I don’t like to be controversial, but here goes.

I think we, as a world, need to bring up the tough topics, like which is better: cats or dogs. Allow me to lead you through an unbiased discussion. I’m not going to make any final judgment calls here about ultimately which is better, because it’s not my place. And we all know how overly-sensitive cat people can be. Continue reading “Dogs vs Cats”

Puppy Surgery

My puppy is fashion-forward. She’s trying to bring leg-warmers back. Admit it: you want a pair. Or at least one.

Actually my puppy had to have surgery on New Year’s Eve (I think I accidentally rear-ended 2015 and that’s why it hated me so much). Continue reading “Puppy Surgery”

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