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Dogs vs Cats, Season Finale

We’re discussing Cats vs Dogs (or “Pets that will demolish your house on purpose vs pets that will demolish your house on accident”)

Intelligence. I know what you’re thinking: “Why am I reading this? Can I seriously not think of anything else to do?” Sure, but a cat’s bigger brains aren’t necessarily a good thing. Limited smartness works to a dog’s advantage. Continue reading “Dogs vs Cats, Season Finale”

Dogs vs Cats

I don’t like to be controversial, but here goes.

I think we, as a world, need to bring up the tough topics, like which is better: cats or dogs. Allow me to lead you through an unbiased discussion. I’m not going to make any final judgment calls here about ultimately which is better, because it’s not my place. And we all know how overly-sensitive cat people can be. Continue reading “Dogs vs Cats”

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