I wish I could draw. Someday I would like to take drawing classes, although I don’t understand how those could possibly work.

First of all, how does drawing even work? Two people look at the same tree and draw it. The two pictures come out completely different:

Picture #1:


Picture #2:

Mona Lisa Unsplash

Now, obviously one of these two artists got distracted from the tree. But the point still stands that they have similar eyes, similar motor functions, similar hands and similar pencils. So why is one person able to recreate the image with eerie reality while people like me have to constantly explain what they were drawing. (That black thing is a bird in a nest.) Nobody has to explain what Leonardo DaVinci was drawing. (“That’s a woman. See, this is her head and her shoulders. This is her mouth and these are her eyes. What do you mean ‘where are her eyebrows?’”)

Why is that? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Which leads me to how do drawing classes even work? How do you take someone who draws like I do and change things so that they draw not like I do?

Instructor: “Today we’re going to draw that tree. Go ahead. Okay, Veronica, now see what you’re doing wrong is you’re drawing that tree very badly. Try doing it again, but this time without sucking. No, remember what I just said. Stop sucking. Okay, can you at least draw it sucking a little less? No? Well, I’m going to have to ask you to stop attending my class until you are ready to take my advice and suck at drawing less.”

That’s how I see it going, anyway.

My favorite blog is Hyperbole and a Half. I love Allie Brosh’s drawing alot (Tee-hee!) She does a lot of bad drawing, but her bad drawing is secretly good drawing for 2 reasons: (1) It is clear what she is drawing. No explanation needed. I’ve never NOT had to explain one of my drawings. (2) It’s consistent. Every time she draws herself, she looks the same. You can recognize her figures. If I was to try and re-create the tree from up above, I’d be in big trouble. It would come out awful, but in a whole new way so that you’d think I was drawing a completely different unrecognizable tree. It would possibly look more like the Mona Lisa than a tree. (3)(You’re mis-remembering how many reasons I said I was giving.  That was almost a whole paragraph ago.) Her pictures evoke emotions.  They make me laugh SO HARD! (I may like her drawings a little too much, as a matter of fact.  But, hey, if you can’t be a creepy fan on the internet, where can you?)

I would love to be able to draw funny pictures to go along with my words, but my necessary explanations and inconsistency would keep it from being enjoyable for either one of us (me or the picture)(Who cares about you? This blog is about me. If you want a blog that cares about you, then you do not understand the blogosphere.)(And that is why my blog is ending here. You may need closure, but what I need is a cookie break. So the end.)