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March 2016


Currently in the Headlines: Lego Introduces Stay-at-Home Dad Figurine in New Collection.

That is an actual, real headline of an actual real event.  This brings up a lot of questions I never thought I’d have to ask.

First of all, I just had a nice long talk with all of my Legos and it turns out that none of my Lego figures has ever been gainfully employed. They just lay around the house all day long, never offering me a hand. I always have to be the one cleaning up THEIR mess, fixing THEIR broken roof, pulling THEM out of the vacuum. Never once have any of them returned the favor. Continue reading “Toy-Ployment”


I just watched what was not only the first hockey game I’ve ever seen, but my first ever live and in-person hockey game.

Obviously I have nothing to say about it and I don’t know why I even brought it up.

That’s not true. Having seen one complete semi-professional hockey game, I now feel qualified to have strong opinions about the whole sport. Continue reading “Hockey”

Stay Calm or Don’t

These days you don’t have to have ever self-published to be a self-publishing expert who can write authoritative things on your blog about self-publishing.

Having personally self-published one book myself, I would therefore fall into the category of super-advanced expert on the topic. Look, I even have a link: LINK TO MY BOOK

I bet you don’t have a link as nice as that. But this isn’t an article about where you can buy my book. That would be a short article. That would only be about this long: LINK TO MY BOOK Continue reading “Stay Calm or Don’t”

7 Ways to Do Something Or Other

We, as a nation, have become obsessed with lists. Seems like everything you read these days comes in list form and with an overly enthusiastic title. We’ll know this fad has truly taken over when you go the grocery store and on the package of food it says “The 12 shocking Ingredients in These Cookies; #7 Will Make You Change Religions!” Continue reading “7 Ways to Do Something Or Other”

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