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April 2016

Only Natural

(If you’re wondering why I have a picture of a crab quoting Henry V, the answer is simple: I like Shakespeare.  And the crab looked like he could pull the roll off.)

(This post is about nature and a crab is something that can be found in nature.)

(You see how it’s all coming together now?) Continue reading “Only Natural”

Terror of Itsy Bitsy Proportions

I was innocently filling my coffee maker this morning when I noticed something hanging from the faucet. I thought at first it was a crumb, but it was actually a very small spider, struggling to fight the wave of water to get back up to the faucet.

The point is:

An itsy bitsy spider really did climb up my water spout. Continue reading “Terror of Itsy Bitsy Proportions”


I watched part of an episode of Outlander. It’s about a British woman from the 1940’s who gets sent back in time to Scotland in the 1700’s. It would have been a very different show if the woman was a modern American.


The Story of a 21t Century American Woman Who Gets Sent Back to Scotland in the 1700’s. Continue reading “Outlanderish”

12 Angry Men and a Weirdo

I recently had jury duty.

(It was actually like ten years ago, but I’m hoping if I put it out there that I had it recently, I won’t have to have it again. Like chicken pox.)

Nobody likes jury duty and now I know why.

First of all, it’s like getting picked for teams at recess, but in reverse because no one wants to get picked for this team. Unfortunately all those poor kids who always got picked last for everything have now grown up into successful adults who now get picked first for everything, like jury duty, helping people move, and tax audits. Continue reading “12 Angry Men and a Weirdo”

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