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January 2016

Facebook Color Coding

Facebook is always coming up with improvements. Like that time when they changed the newsfeed to be even more random.

I think Facebook could benefit from some clarity. So I would like to suggest a color-coding system.  If Mark Zuckerberg wants to thank me by making me vice-billionaire, so be it. Continue reading “Facebook Color Coding”


I wish I could draw. Someday I would like to take drawing classes, although I don’t understand how those could possibly work.

First of all, how does drawing even work? Two people look at the same tree and draw it. The two pictures come out completely different: Continue reading “Drawing”

Puppy Surgery

My puppy is fashion-forward. She’s trying to bring leg-warmers back. Admit it: you want a pair. Or at least one.

Actually my puppy had to have surgery on New Year’s Eve (I think I accidentally rear-ended 2015 and that’s why it hated me so much). Continue reading “Puppy Surgery”

Dates on Drugs, Part 7

For those of you who skipped parts 1-6, I’m not recapping.  So go back and read them all before you start here!

(For those of you who read part 1, there are no parts 2-6.)

And now, the thrilling conclusion to why I seem to attract guys on drugs. Continue reading “Dates on Drugs, Part 7”

Dates on Drugs, Part I

In person (and maybe in writing) I come across as very straight-laced, but when you get to know me and I get more comfortable with you, you realize that I’m even more straight-laced than originally advertised. Just like a rebel without a cause, I’m very well behaved for no particular reason, other than it satisfies the part of my brain that gets a thrill off knowing the rules and obeying them (it’s not a very often studied part of the brain because it’s kind of boring). I don’t dress like an Amish person or anything. I wear pants and…that may be the only difference, other than I don’t look good in hats. Continue reading “Dates on Drugs, Part I”

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