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May 2016

Monsters and Doubt

The other day a friend suggested that if I didn’t waste so much time procrastinating on the internet, I might actually get some of the stuff on my “To-Do” list accomplished.

What this friend didn’t understand is that I’m not procrastinating. #1 on my to-do list is view the entire internet. She was interrupting. Continue reading “Monsters and Doubt”


Reading the fine print is important. If you sign things without reading all those boring words, you may find you’ve agreed to payments you didn’t realize or, worse, have to get up and read your poetry in front of people.

You laugh, but it happens.

It happens to me.

It happens to me a lot.

Upwards of one time.

So far. Continue reading “Poetic”


I have decided to try acupuncture. Why? Because it’s there. It’s supposed to be able to help a variety of problems. Maybe it can even help me with this writing addiction I seem to have.

I’m also hoping it will be like couple’s therapy for me and my liver, who have not been on good terms for some time now. Continue reading “Acupuncture”

Alone and Internetless

Day five without internet.

Is the world still out there?

I don’t know if Kim and Kanye are still together.

I don’t know who’s going to appear on what controversial magazine cover.

I don’t know what insulting things my friends have said to each other over political debates on social media.

But that’s all the upside. Continue reading “Alone and Internetless”

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